Clients are charged per hour (pre- and post-session prep time is not charged, nor is a post-session debrief at your house).

High school and college consulting services are determined on a case-by-case basis.

How do you charge for your services?

Athena Mentors is an educational consulting firm that will show you (and your family) how to design and prototype solutions to STEAM-related problems.

We work with complete beginners to experts (ages 14 to 100!).  We bring our own equipment and you just supply an electrical outlet, a room, and curiosity.

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How does Athena Mentors work?

If you're a complete novice or consider yourself an expert, you can always learn from Athena Mentors.  You can learn the basics in our three content areas; we can even help you design your own at-home makerspace that fits your budget.

What can I get help with?

There is no long-term commitment, but 3 hour-long sessions are recommended in order to cover design basics, allow time for enough prototyping, and then project completion.

Do I have to commit to multiple sessions?

George Delagrammatikas, the president and founder of Athena Mentors, is a professor of mechanical engineering who has taught for over 15 years at the university and high school level.


George has been building things all his life.  From solar cars to biomedical devices, assistive technologies for the disabled to fun children's toys, he has designed products and mentored students throughout his entire career.

Who does the consulting?
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What are the costs involved?
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Sessions start at $50/hour per single student (14-year-old and over only), $60/hour for two family members.  Family rates, special pricing for regular bookings, and multi-hour rates are available upon request.

How do I know if Athena Mentors is right for me?
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If any of the following describes you, you're a good candidate for our programs:

  • Did great on your SATs but don't feel like you've learned anything practical

  • Didn't do so well on your SAT, but you know you can do a lot

  • Bored at school for one reason or another

  • Never finished high school but have now recognized your passion for learning

  • You're homeschooled and need a worthwhile and low-cost learning platform

  • You already have a 3D printer at home, but it's collecting dust because you're too intimidated to use it

  • Need a family activity that brings you together to have some fun while learning at the same time

  • You are a faculty member at a high school or university in search of meaningful STEAM activities and content to reinforce student learning

We're not a typical tutoring service preparing you for exams.  You will learn how to solve problems using an engineering design approach and build tangible products that you can showcase.