Offering Individualized STEAM Education for the Whole Family

About Us

Athena Mentors personalizes STEAM enrichment plans for your entire family in the comfort of your own home and on your schedule.  We offer services to high schools, colleges, and universities who are building makerspaces and developing project-based learning environments.

Your academic life should not be defined by your SAT score or your GPA.  No one will care about those numbers after you get into college or get a job anyway.  Here's who we can help:

  • high-achieving students who want to learn about STEAM and design thinking,

  • students who are curious and creative, but not great test-takers;

  • adults who are hands-on learners looking for some added skills;

  • a library or community center that already has a makerspace, but need help with your programs, or 

  • you're a family wants to do something cool together.

We are the only company of its kind that brings the Maker Movement into your own home; we will provide all the equipment you need during our sessions.  We'll even help you design your own affordable makerspace, build a 3D printer from scratch, construct advanced electronics, and help you master computer-aided drafting and design.  If you need Review our mentoring subjects below.  If you are from an educational institution, click here for more information.


Let's start creating!

2020-2021 Mentoring Subjects
3D Printer
3D Printing

Make Your Space

Making things in your own home has never been so easy.  You need to start somewhere and have the right support.

Our 3D printing curriculum is perfect for you if you're curious about this technology and you're:

  • too intimidated to tackle it solo,

  • a hands-on learner and need an outlet for your creativity,

  • ok at school, but not loving all the lectures,

  • great at school but realize there's more to life than testing, or

  • you're a child or a parent who wants to do something with the rest of your family.

We'll help you reach your goals by providing in-home tutoring, guidance, and individualized support.  Let's start prototyping together.

Fixing a Computer

Code and Control

From basic electronic circuitry to microcontollers, Internet of Things (IoT), to computer programming, we will take you from novice to expert through project-based work.

You'll learn how to define your own electronics project, come up with a solution method, and then develop multiple possible solutions to the same problem.


After all, that's what engineering solutions are...a series of compromises that you come up with after exercising sound judgment and a systematic design process.

You'll learn how to build, debug, control, and enhance electronics projects from the fundamental components and create something that you're proud of.

Engineering Sketch

Engineered Solutions

Technical drawing has often been called the language of engineering.  In order to build anything you dream up, you have to communicate it with a drawing.


For over 40 years, educational research has shown that by improving your 2D and 3D visualization skills, you automatically train the centers in your brain that will help you with chemistry and calculus!

We start with hand sketching and move to computer-aided drafting using cloud-based software.  You will learn how to design parts, assemblies, and  exploded views.

As with all our programs, we will personalize your learning and can even include 3D printing to complete your experience.

K20 Curriculum Consulting

Athena Mentors creates affordable STEAM curricula for K12 schools, out-of-school time programs, and undergraduate institutions.  Our founders have been involved in STEAM for their entire professional careers and have launched successful programs that serve students from the 6th grade through graduate school.  Visit our bookings tab here to inquire about our consulting services.